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The findings suggest that the team needs to tát offer better continuity of care and might act as a concierge, an advocate, or a buddy.

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Once this elementary 'buddy group' is constructed, the intervening woman becomes at best irrelevant.

Among the staff focus groups, a theme emerged that the team should act lượt thích a buddy system or concierge.

Within the 24 plural full nouns, 66% (16) actually include the lexical items friends or buddies.

On the contrary, we must deconstruct the buddy group to tát show the male audience as a construction.

Buddy died in 1991, and the present of the film, twenty-three years after the initial adolescent romance, is contemporary, about 1996.

Secondly, there is the question of the differences that the analysis has established between the two voices in the buddy group, and the nature of the relationship between them.

To be able to tát find its 'buddy' closures, it is useful to tát have an auxiliary array pointing to tát them.

Berry's demonstration points up, as economically as anything, the limitations to tát 'solidarity', and the inadequacies of the 'buddy group' as a sườn for overcoming social divisions.

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This representation of the 'buddy group' has continuities with other group, or dual representations of male identity, where mutual, male selves and desires are constructed around an imagined, comforting woman.

That buddy also acts as a mediator between him and other employees who may initially find his behaviour a little strange.

It is for health authority and local authority commissioners to tát decide whether to tát commission buddying services locally.

Some of these grants may, from time to tát time, be used to tát fund buddying schemes.

I shall regard him as a "buddy" henceforth.

The "buddy" or mentoring system is developing strongly, especially in the youth offender institutions.

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