bribery là gì

He provides a staged genre analysis of the bribery sự kiện and shows which stages are constitutive, thereby demonstrating that certain so-called bribery episodes were not.

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This is a recipe for bribery, since private citizens now have an interest in breaking the law.

Formal and informal economies were closely interlinked, and bribery was regarded as part of everyday life.

That bribery and blackmail resemble market transactions is not sufficient as a test of their legitimacy.

Under these circumstances, it is relevant đồ sộ ask đồ sộ what extent electoral bribery distorted the political wishes of voters.

These days, they tự sánh barely more often than thở they admit đồ sộ engaging in ' illicit ' practices lượt thích bribery or theft.

Members of the police were frequently involved or complicit in armed robberies, and often released criminals in response đồ sộ bribery or political pressure.

It may be theoretically possible that these actors compete for bidding up the price of bribery rather than thở for policy.

While these offices hold the highly lucrative and coveted authority, office-holders are poorly paid, easy đồ sộ be manipulated by gangsters through bribery.

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The practices of political favouritism and bribery also represented a means of securing important positions.

This was not strictly illegal, sánh the charge was bribery.

Meaningful differences exist across the five categories, with perhaps the most serious charges (fraud, bribery, or corr uption) eliciting the lowest roll-call rate.

The second, ' canvassing for votes ', is a picture of electoral bribery : a voter sees no problem in taking money from two different electoral agents.

Specifically, the focus is on kickbacks in public procurement, the embezzlement of public funds and the bribery of public officials.

His words suggest that he was aware of strong moral reservations and that bribery was a possible way đồ sộ reach the aim.

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