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The present continually reinforces the memorized auditory data and demands a new kind of auditory awareness.

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Also, the practicalities of recruiting might be problematic and, once recruited, increased awareness of macromastia may further bias the group's usefulness as a comparator.

The mind is taught not đồ sộ direct the toàn thân, but đồ sộ be in a state of harmonious awareness parallel with the body's natural movements.

Thus, morphological awareness tended đồ sộ progress in a clear developmental pattern in relation đồ sộ spelling of morphemes indicating past tense.

This possibility was not eliminated by the phonemic awareness tasks used here because our participants were not required đồ sộ respond quickly đồ sộ those tasks.

Given these varied findings, in the present study we sought đồ sộ measure general phonological processing using tasks of speeded naming, nonword repetition, and phonological awareness.

The degree of critical awareness that we believe intelligent international actors should acquire might appear đồ sộ be a tall order.

These controls address the potential confound of verbal intelligence, which is plausibly related đồ sộ measures of linguistic awareness and đồ sộ reading.

Thus, studies that control for both phonological awareness and verbal and nonverbal intelligence are needed.

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However, awareness of these various research areas could be useful in providing tư vấn tools within a computer-based music system.

You lack, as we shall say, visual awareness of many of the aspects of the visual scene.

We now turn đồ sộ a third important aspect of vision, namely, visual awareness.

Patients in "minimally conscious states" are awake but have only partial preservation of awareness and responsiveness.

These areas otherwise contribute đồ sộ the production of emotion, cognition, and somatosensory awareness.

One child, for example, may have a core deficit in phonological awareness but strong listening comprehension and oral vocabulary.

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