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In 1510, the process of designating posts was reorganized, becoming more automatic and less elective.

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The doctor believes that the planet is uninhabited, which was the earlier belief, and that the seismic eruptions must have triggered an automatic defense mechanism.

The fire alarm system on the site includes 1600 automatic fire alarms and 600 personal attack buttons.

It also supports automatic decompression of the boot images before booting them.

The cars were available with either 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic gearboxes.

If the engineer fails to tướng reduce tốc độ and/or make a brake application to tướng reduce tốc độ a penalty brake application is made automatically.

Hydraulic fuses help guard against catastrophic failure of a hydraulic system (for instance, by line breakage or component failure) by automatically isolating the defective branch.

These ratios will be used to tướng provide the respective automated calculations, e.g. to tướng automatically calculate the depreciation expenses for the capital expenditures.

Test scores are often perceived as the sole criteria simply because they are the most difficult, or the fulfillment of other criteria is automatically assumed.

The data can be automatically transmitted to tướng a command center, and can communicate with higher echelons.

The automatization of photography has made quality image-making more accessible.

The radar features excellent anticlutter and antijamming ability, as well as very good adaptability and automatization.

Usually this term appears in connection with automatization of the authoring process, e.g., in automatic generation of links and contents based on meta-data.

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When automatization results in productivity gains, most of the time, these gains tự not translate into a betterment of working conditions.

He did paint some other subjects, for example in the 1970s he created pieces criticizing the automatization of modern life, depicting men as robots.

Although automatic control was attempted, it was too slow-acting to tướng be effective.

There is also the problem of how drivers interact with autonomous technology -- where human control ends and automatic control begins -- that only adds more complexity.

They first sighted it when they were 76 nmi away, and at 55 nmi they gave the computer automatic control.

There were 21 different fields of study including 3 new ones: computer science, applied mathematics, and automatic control systems.

More recent dumbwaiters can be more sophisticated, using electric motors, automatic control systems, and custom freight containers of other kinds of elevators.

The military versions are semi-automatic, but also come with the ability to tướng fire in a three-round burst; this feature is rarely used.

The robber would always make verbal demands for the money and then threaten tellers with a Black semi-automatic handgun.

Police say he was seen firing a Black semi-automatic handgun.

It can be used in automatic, semi-automatic, or manual operation, and is designed for durability with dustproofing, water resistance, and an anti-corrosive build.

The cutting machine, being semi-automatic, helps him to tướng determine when to tướng cut the paper.

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