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They were molded in color (instead of the traditional white) and easily assembled without glue (thus no glue or paint was required).

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Many of these were assembled using a mix of old round and hex receivers from then on, until as late as the 1970s.

Ocelot, opposed to tướng this, has assembled armies with which to tướng fight back, and intends to tướng hijack their entire operating system for his own ends.

Although assembled in autumn 2001, the band formally began in 2002, and started off with self-produced releases.

The duo assembled an impressive team of evangelists and songleaders and took to tướng the streets.

What we have done is worked from our first-party data assets out, in assembling information and putting it together.

If evolutionary trees are sánh widely used, why has assembling them across all of life been sánh hard to tướng achieve?

He will also assist in picking colors -- a specialty of his -- or assembling the three-dimensional suits and crowns.

The goal is to tướng create a system capable of assembling microstructures as complex as cells, possibly autonomously.

You're talking of assembling manpower from over a period of đôi mươi years.

Traditionally, aircraft engines were manufactured by machining separate steel cylinders and then bolting these assemblies directly to tướng the crankcase.

He was elected in 1903 and reelected in 1907, but was defeated when he ran for reelection to tướng the assembly in 1909.

The governor appoints the chief minister, whose council of ministers are collectively responsible to tướng the assembly.

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Riveting was done by hand, and all work with assembly and adjustment, requires craftsmanship which is very labor intensive.

In 1737, the assembly was expanded to tướng 27 and in 1773 to tướng 31.

The meeting will be telecast live from the assembly hall.

The main temple comprises the mandapa (assembly hall) and sub-shrines.

The pupils are being attended to tướng by school staff and emergency services in the assembly hall.

The other kids were checked over in their assembly hall before being collected by parents.

Several schools have had no access to tướng school dinners or an assembly hall for decades.

Tabulate the countless faces of the engineering staff, designers, and the assembly line workers into that mix.

Even when they get them, high-volume automakers can't necessarily stop the assembly line and make a personalized siêu xe.

Our drive concluded at the entrance to tướng the factory and following we got a special tour of the assembly line while cars were being built.

Much lượt thích an assembly line in a factory, no one person sees the entire process.

But for a siêu xe to tướng be collectible in the future, it has to tướng be cool right off the assembly line.

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