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Considerable amounts of rubbish remained at the soil surface, including crushed lead batteries, copper artefacts, used food cans, and building materials.

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I have also employed interpolation when referring to tướng damaged artefacts, and have opened some of the mouths of ancient mask faces whose lips are sealed.

He is able to tướng communicate directly with the ancients and the personified ancient artefacts.

Similarly, computer music artefacts cannot be analysed apart from responses made by the environment in which they are presented.

If constitutions are simply artefacts of democracy, however, then it seems difficult to tướng accord them any independent weight.

Care should be taken with this method as image artefacts or objects, such as the patient table, may distort the model.

The aim, of course, is to tướng produce artefacts that will operate effectively in unpredictable complex environments which may involve interaction with other agents.

Both of these unwanted predictions turn out to tướng be artefacts of the attempt to tướng reproduce the foot-extrametricality analysis.

Phonetic variations on the surface are considered artefacts of the context or performance-induced anomalies.

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Such artefacts mean that care and experience are required to tướng interpret gels accurately, leading to tướng a preference for loci containing tri- or tetra-nucleotide repeat motifs.

The tương tác between a natural element and imagined human artefacts suggests nature modified by human will and action.

In addition, the ensemble is aware of precursors that have made experimental audio-visual artefacts in a performance setting.

Perhaps through the unfolding of the work, artefacts derived from acousmatic music aesthetics could be peeled away.

I liked the artefacts added by the time-stretching; they helped create new sounds resembling a sort of mysterious mechanised beast.

Artists, impressed with the manner in which the natural processes around them have shaped the environment, guide these to tướng shape artefacts of their own.

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