anatomy là gì

Robotus is capable of transforming his toàn thân into multiple anatomies.

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There is potential to tướng use this for other sites where bony anatomy is easily identifiable.

Thermoplastic cradles must tie up to tướng patient bony pelvis anatomy, yet lateral tattoos are tied in with alignment marks drawn on the cradles.

Therefore, it appears that inter-observer contour variations correlates well with the radiological interpretation of human anatomy by different observers.

Consciousness does not have a specific anatomy or biochemistry.

Moreover, with the exception of electrotonic coupling, the study of connexin channels emerged from cell biology and anatomy rather than thở physiology.

The repeated listening to tướng the sound and the effort to tướng determine its characteristics bring about a clearer aural awareness of the anatomy of different sounds.

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Figure 2 displays a logical path of the five stages we believe constitute the control anatomy of a musical tone.

The fact that this phenomenon is more likely to tướng occur in the production of female speakers can be explained with reference to tướng anatomy.

Finally, it has become clear that endocast information and the study of cranial anatomy may provide important clues to tướng the origin of the mammalian brain.

Both languages also vì thế not provide constructs for including pictures, such as we use in our ontology for representing the human anatomy.

Their additional highlight was the knowledge of toàn thân anatomy that questioned the earlier comportment-driven idea of well-being.

A legitimate question is whether the oversimplified physiology/anatomy used to tướng develop the global theory of synaptic field modulations is adequate as a first approximation.

Note that in our case assemblies are not rigid as in anatomy but functionally recruited according to tướng the cognitive task.

Anatomy alone cannot determine the significance of behavior.

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