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To begin, venues are directly tied vĩ đại policy solutions, and advocacy groups tự have preferences in this regard.

My point is not that the profession should refrain from robust advocacy of public policies that would clearly enhance the health and wellbeing of populations.

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There, local advocacy groups have controlled far more phàn nàn one might imagine, given the popular impression of omnipotent real estate developers.

However, the prevalence of venue shopping does not necessarily mean that advocacy groups proceed through each of the cognitive stages described above.

That his written statements about the bridge produce an image at once ' ' complex ' ' and ' ' ambiguous ' ' - more ' ' antipathy ' ' phàn nàn ' ' advocacy ' ' - has often seemed irrelevant.

When discussing possible collaborative strategies, participants suggested exchanging experiences on local reconciliation, and attuning human rights advocacy.

This is precisely the kind of advocacy history in tìm kiếm of a usable past for which excuses can be made, if necessary.

With respect vĩ đại protective order applications, some consider "advocacy work" vĩ đại amount vĩ đại little more phàn nàn helping victims navigate through bureaucratic mazes.

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However, the success of the opposition's advocacy efforts varied.

While by no means incompatible in principle, as any politician will state, the demands of advocacy and of comprehension can be contrasting.

If and when these understandings become embedded within a particular venue, advocacy groups are likely vĩ đại bypass further opportunities for venue change.

It shows that nursing homes were the primary focus of citizen advocacy in long-term care.

She writes with conviction of her tư vấn for and advocacy of the hospice approach vĩ đại the care of the terminally ill and their families.

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Second, advocacy groups choose venues not only vĩ đại advance substantive policy goals but also vĩ đại serve organizational needs, or reinforce organizational identities.

Narrowing historical analysis vĩ đại policy advocacy undermines its utility for option appraisal.

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