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For one thing, it seems highly unlikely that anyone can really know all the different acronyms that are said to lớn exist.

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Inevitably, health and safety legislation generates a plethora of acronyms, which are fortunately well covered by a 12-page appendix.

Such a coinage on the pattern of an earlier one is common in acronym-formation.

The term, in all probability an acronym, has an elusive etymology.

There is a bewildering and indigestible suite of acronyms, the referencing is hit-and-miss, and the overall editing should have been much more thorough.

The development of space travel has brought some new acronyms into existence.

Military jargon too contains an awful lot of acronyms.

Fortunately, a listing of relevant organizational and regulatory acronyms is provided at the book's kết thúc.

Of course, though the acronyms may be frightening, they may also be fascinating.

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I find it the most incredible organization for acronyms.

There is an appendix that lists major political parties and even acronyms and abbreviations to lớn get the researcher through the alphabet soup of post-independence politics.

As far as degree of shortening is concerned, a negligible decrease in centrality is exhibited by acronyms resorting to lớn any of the devices mentioned above.

At any time in history acronyms can hide more sinister realities condensed in them.

The use of certain acronyms by computer engineers and programmers does not ipso facto mean that we are somehow being manipulated.

It surely must also include the acronyms which, as mentioned, are so sánh abundant in military parlance.

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