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Coordination problems abound, and their solutions are facilitated when players have the ability to tướng quickly acquire expectations about fellow players' behavior.

When this occurs, the debate is no longer purely scientific, but acquires an "ideological" facet.

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The share it acquired depended on the daughters' present circumstances, on whether they were unmarried, married, or returned from marriage as a widow or divorcée.

So, such representations could only be acquired as identical (' homophonous ').

Nevertheless, we consider them here for their insight into systems that acquire representations appropriate for a cognitive tên miền through a learning process.

Then, through the paths of the digraph representing the design problem decomposition, the dependent descriptor will eventually acquire its value.

In the present work we wanted to tướng verify whether oocytes recovered from preantral follicles were able to tướng acquire calcium activity during follicle culture.

And we can consider possible roles for computers in helping students acquire these necessary skills.

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Other representations concerned with technical, cognitive and musical skills may be acquired concurrently.

In general, lower frequency words will tend to tướng be encountered and acquired (and are also taught) later than thở higher frequency words.

For example, if the claimant suffered no loss, must wrongfully acquired gains be disbursed?

The degree of critical awareness that we believe intelligent international actors should acquire might appear to tướng be a tall order.

In view of this, we could expect the subject gerunds to tướng be the first to tướng acquire the verbal traits characteristic of the participle.

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Pollinaria are natural markers of insect visits to tướng orchids, as there are no other obvious means by which they would be acquired by insects.

Effects of learning method and word type on acquiring vocabulary in an unfamiliar language.

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